1. All contractors and employees must meet Seminole Marine insurance requirements, have a business license and be cleared by yard management prior to starting work.
  2. Contractors and employees who have not met the insurance requirements and have not signed the contractor agreement will not be granted access to the yard.
  3. All contractors and employees must sign in at the office daily.
  4. All contractors are responsible for adhering to O.S.H.A. regulations.
  5. All contractors are responsible for adhering to the Palm Beach County Best Business Practices for Marine facilities.
  6. No “live-aboard” is permitted while vessel is in yard. No holding tank, bilge or contaminated water may be discharged onto the ground.
  7. No spray painting unless full enclosure is erected to catch paint chips/dust and overspray and is approved by yard management.
  8. Only Seminole Marine approved contractors are permitted to perform hull and topside spray painting.
  9. Contractor should use common sense and be aware of weather/wind conditions when spray painting. If asked to stop operations by Seminole Marine management, contractor will comply.
  10. All spray painting must be in compliance with Palm Beach County Best Business Practices for Marine facilities, O.S.H.A. and the NFPA 303.
  11. Full removal of paint/gelcoat must be approved by Seminole Marine management.
  12. Contractors are required to keep the area around vessels and workspaces free and clear of debris. If Seminole Marine determines a contractor is not complying and written warning will be issued. If immediate action has not been taken a $200.00 per day clean up fee will be charged to the vessel.
  13. No open air sanding or grinding is permitted.
  14. All paint removal, including bottom paint, hull and topsides must be done by vacuum sanders. Tenting of vessel may be required as determined by Seminole Marine.
  15. Ground cover must be used when soda blasting for bottom paint removal. Paint dust, debris must be captured, bagged and properly disposed of. No sand or wet blasting is permitted. (contact the office for approved blasting methods).
  16. Sanding debris must not be allowed to enter water or be left where it could be exposed to rainwater runoff.
  17. Jack stands and blocks must never be moved or adjusted by anyone other than yard personnel.
  18. All hazardous chemicals including waste oil, engine coolant, hydraulic fluid, gasoline, diesel, paint and solvents may only be disposed of in the designated containers located in the yard. Inquire at the office for disposal instructions
  19. Unauthorized use of any yard tools or equipment is forbidden.
  20. Contractors may not provide forklift, man lifts or cranes with seminole Marine approval. operators of such equipment must be certified for the equipment they are using and must have O.S.H.A. certification card on them.
  21. All scaffolding, working platforms and ladders must be erected to O.S.H.A. regulations.
  22. Contractors must comply with all O.S.H.A. regulations applicable to the work being performed.
  23. Vehicles on the premises will proceed no faster than 5 m.ph.
  24. Contractors should be considerate of the neighboring vessels, vehicles and workers and not unduly interfere with other customers work.
  25. Contractors and employers are responsible for sharing these rules with all employees; therefore employers are responsible for the actions of their employees.
  26. Any Seminole Marine employee shall have the authority to stop actions that violate the rules or policies in this agreement or that may be posted elsewhere on the Seminole property.
  27. Only one vehicle per contractor is permitted in the yard and MUST be parked in a manner not to impede with the Travelift movements when Seminole is launching or blocking a boat in the yard. Violators are subject to towing at your expense.
  28. Failure to abide with these rules may result in expulsion from the premises.